Concept-to-Delivery or freelancing, We are fully invested.

Kundrat Productions LLC

is a full service production studio; founded in 1999 by Lee and Lori Kundrat.

We feature a state of the art control room and performance room that properly satisfy the environmental production needs of digital filmmaking. Through the engineering concepts of leading acoustic designers such as Russ Berger and Walter Storyk, both studio rooms were constructed and acoustically treated to provide a sonically accurate audio/ visual monitoring environment specifically for digital filmmaking. The exterior and divisional walls were constructed to achieve minimal sound transmission loss, resulting in a world-class STC rating of 65-70.

Our control room is equipped for 4K production and 5.1 surround mixing. Our performance room is primarily used for audio recording: voice-over work, music performances and tracking individual instruments. We are primarily self-contained and capable of addressing the writing, camera, graphic, lighting, audio, editing, conversion/ encoding and delivery needs of all our projects. The “DIY” tradition is our core philosophy.

(photos taken in 2005)

Lee Kundrat  - Manager

Lee founded, composed, toured and managed Atlantic Recording Artists "Overkill" as well as being a veteran drum instructor and clinician. Since 1983, he has experienced and built many artistic and business skills essential to independent filmmaking: Writer, Videographer, Audio Engineer, Production Designer, Editor, Graphic Artist/ Animator and Actor. He has written and produced projects for Fortune 500 companies, record labels, multi-platinum recording artists, and the performing arts; as well as acquiring extensive business management skills as operations director for Home Depot USA.

He has recently made a guest appearance on A&E Television/ Biography Channel's "Metallica" documentary program. He speaks frequently on radio and in-person to many different organizations about issues such as addiction/ recovery, culture/ youth and art. He is married and a proud father of three boys.

Lee is professionally known as Rat Skates. Click here for full wikipedia bio.

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